Austin Live and Local was formed in January of 2017 as a platform for artist to express their perspectives of the art scene in Austin, TX on Facebook Live. As the company grew, Austin Live and Local expanded to publicizing new artist in the Austin, TX area. With the success of publicizing new artist, #ALL512 began promoting artist as they expressed their art at different venues.

On October 21st of 2017, #ALL512 wrapped up the first season of Live From The ATX. The following month on November 4th of 2017, #ALL512 presented the company's first event, The Hideout at Gotham Room. The event was a great accomplishment for the team and the performances, as well as the turnout, was phenomenal. Off the success of the event, #ALL512 went back to the drawing board and began working on the second season of Live From The ATX.

Trent Knox

Founder/Owner/Chief Executive Officer

Trenton Rask-Knox was born in Reno, NV and grew up in Georgetown, TX. He graduated from University of Hawaii at Manoa with a B.A. in Creative Media. After graduating, he moved to Colorado Springs, CO and began pursuing independent filmmaking. In 2016, he decided that he would move back to Texas and look for opportunities in the film and music industry in Austin, Texas.

Doug Allison aka doug ya

Director of Gaming & Wellness

Doug Allison was born in Okinawa, Japan, "The Land of the Rising Sun". Doug joined the Austin Live and Local team in September of 2017. In his free time, he enjoys producing music, going to shows, and hanging out with his friends. Through his travels, he has experienced a wide variety of cultures and quickly learned, music is a universal language communicated across cultures. Through his DJ performances, you find that his style is very diverse. Though he has had the privilege to live around the world, he finds Austin's vibes and music has drawn him to living in Austin, "The Live Music Capitol of the World!"