logic - austin360 AMPHITHEATER- jun 27th 2018

Author --- Trent Knox 08/09/2018

On June 27th, 2018, Austin Live & Local was approved press credentials for Bobby Tarantino vs. Everybody Tour featuring NF & Kyle. There was some doubt that we were going to be approved credentials, however last minute we were notified via email, the day of the event, we had been approved. Prior to being approved, we were notified that the public relations team of Logic's production team would need to be notified of the request, and that, it was upon approval from Logic's public relations team that a decision would be made in which we would be approved press passes. We were not privy to the time frame in which this would be accomplished, however it wasn't alarming that it would take time to communicate between the onsite venue production team and the touring production team.

Due to some misunderstanding and problems with communicating with the onsite production team, the crew was unable to attend and experience any of the opening performances. As result, this review will only cover the portions of the show as they relate to the performance by Logic.

As, I walked across the bridge behind the stage, I could hear chanting beginning within the venue. "Logic!, Logic!, Logic! ...". Followed, by the Rick & Morty intro to Bobby Tarantino II. I'm passing through security, when Logic steps on to stage and the lights flash into the crowd. I'm standing above the crowd, on the North side of the venue next to the vendors, and I can see thousands of people throwing their hands in the air in excitement of seeing Logic grace the stage. I'm extremely excited to see the venue, from the floor to the lawn, packed out. In an attempt to capture the moment, I take out my phone, open my camera app, and take a panoramic photo of the crowd as they begin the wave. The photo turned out amazing and can be found on our Instagram. Following taking the photo, I attempted to find where the rest of my crew was, so I began walking down the steps to floor level. I had assessed that my photographer was in the photo pit, however I was not sure where my other associate was. Eventually, my photographer was escorted out of the photo pit and directed to return the camera to our vehicle. Unfortunately, this meant, that I was required to escort him back to the vehicle and miss out on a significant portion of the show.

However, here is my impression of the performance produced by Logic and his production team. It was entertaining, sometimes disheartening, and often sad. With the frequent yelling of "Fuck boy", I was often made uneasy by this statement of measurement. I wasn't sure, who he was speaking to, or the value of yelling this obscenity. Then when he storms off stage, as part of his act, we are to believe that we had underappreciated his performance? This was very confusing and left me uncomfortable for the rest of the evening. However, I was very happy to be made aware of his DJ, Rhetorik. I was very impressed by his performance during the interlude.

All in all, I was taking through a roller coaster of emotions with Logic's performance and left questioning Logic, as well as, myself. I had not anticipated going through this traumatic life situation. I had expected to be experiencing happiness, euphoria, and overall being entertained. I don't blame Logic, the production teams, my crew, or myself, however somewhere along the line something went wrong and ruined my evening.